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manufacturers of innovative high sRI Thermal insulation
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About the Firm

Being into mining and supplying of natural mineral we always had adequate & high-quality resources to put to good use. Coming from Ajmer, Rajasthan a place with high temperatures, we wanted to come up with a solution for controlling indoor temperatures and also put these natural minerals to use. With an aim of developing something which gives more than one benefit to the user, we came up with this idea of insulation roof tile. It not only lowers the room temperature but also saves electricity bills with other benefits.

Incorporated in 2010, (ISO 9001:2008)

Ashapura Tiles vigorously began its research & development and after almost five years of efforts we were able to bring ambient / room temperatures down up to 20 degree Celsius through these roof tiles. We emphasise on quality enhancement and certifications as a continuous process for this product, to ensure our customers are more than satisfied. Having an always upgraded & systematic manufacturing unit and a smooth supply chain we ensure that the best possible is provided in least of time. Through our sincere efforts we believe we can bring a huge change in not only individual living but also in the environment we live in.


our vision

To find solutions for the betterment of lives of people and surrounding nature in accordance with Green Building Concepts.


our mission

Our mission is to innovate more variety of products like Insullite Tile in future to meet our vision.


our goals

  • Quality and quantity augmentation of our products.

  • To consistently increase efficiency of our production line and strengthen manufacturing processes.

  • Making supply easy & reliable.

  • Provide better business services.


Mr. Himmat Singh


“We want the best for the people as well as the environment. We want to enrich lives making people happier & more satisfied.We will always put in our 100% to give optimum quality products consistently.”